Can Anxiety Cause Weight Loss? Fight Off Anxiety and Bring Down Your Body Weight

Can anxiety cause weight loss? I’m going to attempt to answer this question in this article.

There have been a number of studies done on this topic by various research psychologists. The results have been consistent across the board – both short term and long term. All that has been done to suggest an excess of emotional thinking does not increase anxiety.

Our excess body weight may be directly related to our thoughts, however, we are not aware of this and feel the worst about ourselves when we notice this. We perceive the world around us in a way that increases the pain we feel and simultaneously reduces our self-esteem.

We use all our emotional energy trying to cope with our feelings about our bodies, while generally decreasing our physical activity. This is when the negative feelings cause us to get more physically anxious and we start to worry about our weight.

We are so busy worrying about our weight, we begin to crave food – this leads to an over abundance of food, which only causes our weight to continue to increase. Again, this leads to increased emotional stress and greater anxiety.

An excess of emotional energy is difficult to eliminate from our lives, so it is hard to see how we can successfully fight against anxiety and achieve weight loss. In fact, the opposite may be true.

The result of trying to fight our excess emotional energy is a cycle of negative emotion and negative thoughts about our bodies, which means we have to fight even harder, creating yet more excess emotional energy, and we tend to spiral downward. This type of negative feedback loop is like a vicious circle that is impossible to break.

What we need to do is take some time to evaluate our emotional response to a given situation and whether it is causing us to be anxious or fearful about things such as weight gain. If it is, then we need to take a step back and decide to challenge the thoughts we have about our bodies.

Often, if we allow our emotions to control our lives and our reactions, we do not give our bodies or ourselves the necessary attention. It is very easy to end up becoming over cautious and stressed out when this happens.

Yet, in order to effectively overcome the anxiety we feel about our body we must take the time to listen to our body. Simply acknowledging and accepting that we are a part of the human race is much easier than fighting against the feelings that caused us to become overweight in the first place.

The first step in listening to our body is to make sure that the negative thought is not about our weight. Instead, be positive about a new opportunity that comes our way.

Sometimes the best way to counter a negative thought is to accept the good feeling that it brings. Finally, we can learn to live in the moment instead of worrying about the future.