What Is My Body Type – Learn What You Have

What is my body type? Body type calculator will classify a person into one of different seven basic types. Of course, not all people falling into any of the seven types are alike.

Hourglass: This body type is balanced and harmonious. The body tends to be long-limbed and upright with arms and legs long, pointing toward the sky. A woman with this body type has hips that curve to one side and her shoulders slanted forward slightly as if she’s looking forward.

Shoulder: The waist line is slanted toward the center of the body. This body type has been known to have the hips that point slightly to the right or the left. A woman with this body type has wide thighs.

Oblong: This body type has a narrow waist, large hips, shoulders slanting toward the front and the waistline dropping slightly to one side. The legs may appear short. These features make this body type very attractive. It is considered ideal for women with narrow waist and long legs. Women with this body type may have their hips, shoulders and waist drop slightly to either side.

Apple: This body type is characterized by a rounder torso and a short leg. Some women with this body type may have small breasts with broad faces and long hair. There are some women with this body type that have big breasts with small faces. Their hair may be shoulder length.

Pear: A pear body is characterized by a narrow waist and small breasts. A pear is perfect for petite girls. They have medium hair that falls behind their ears.

Pear-shaped: This body type has a small waist and large breasts. The head may have an oblong shape. They tend to have light hair that falls behind their ears. Their skin is smooth and is more on the fair side of the spectrum.

The most important thing about what is my body type is the way it makes me feel. When I look in the mirror I can tell that I’m a pear or a rounder body, a triangle or a square one, an apple or an oblong one.

The first thing I did when I found out about what is my body type was to talk to my doctor and get her advice on which body type I have. She told me that there are five types. But the five body types are not perfect and each body type may show up differently.

What she told me about each of the five body types is helpful. The body type that I am described in this article is the best type. I now have the body I want because I learned what is my body type.

The pear is the body type that my doctor has advised. It’s called the pear body type because it’s shaped like a pear. I’m also called a pear because I have a pear-like skin. and I’m fairly small in the chest area. I also have relatively straight hair that fall behind my ears and a little more than average breasts.

The apple is another body type that fits me. It has an apple shape. My skin is a bit thicker and my neck is long and I have more full lips. My legs look longer and my waist is wider.

The triangle is the body type I’m most like. My hips slant a little to the left and my legs are long. It looks like my body is a V-shape. The long leg may make me seem tall but I’m actually quite short. My hair is shoulder length and my face is fairly small.